How do PRE rewards work

Presearch offers PRE tokens as a reward for those who search through the platform. These tokens have intrinsic value because they are the access tokens purchased by advertisers to target searchers entering certain keywords, those who stake search to increase rewards within, and node runners to stake PRE on their search nodes, to be rewarded with PRE tokens.

Reward rates

Each user can earn PRE rewards by using the search engine, by default all users receive 0.01 PRE per search, up to 25 searches per day, you can also see it in the following panel Search Reward

But they can stake search to increase the amount of reward they can obtain for each search, to see how it works you can see the following link

Combating Abuse

Any type of incentivized system like Presearch is prone to those who would try to game the system via either automated means (bots) or deliberately searching solely to earn tokens.

To discourage this type of behavior, we have developed what we call the Rewards Verification system that, based on the user's search patterns (search terms are never stored), can determine if a user is only using Presearch to earn rewards, cheats with referrals, etc.

Use of rewards

The minimum amount to transfer from Usage Reward to Pre Wallet is 1,000 Pre, the rewards earned are mainly used for search staking, keyword staking, node staking or withdrawing and selling on external exchanges.

Please note that Presearch is not responsible for transactions outside of the platform and that buyers should always exercise due diligence when using a third-party exchange.

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