"The Road to Mainnet"

"The Road to Mainnet" collection is a celebration of the origin and history of the Presearch decentralized search engine up through its Mainnet launch.

The NFT Collection

This collection was distributed to key Presearch community members - searchers, node operators, advertisers, token purchasers and hodlers - in the lead up the Presearch Mainnet launch.
The images are in trading card format, with some being released now and others upon upcoming milestones.
You can find the full collection at:

How to Mint?

  • Connect your web3 wallet (check out the supported wallets section)
  • Make sure that you are on the Polygon network, if not change it in your wallet settings.
  • If you can't see the Polygon network in your wallet settings, you need to add a custom network
  • Select the card from Available to claim section
  • Click on Mint button
  • Go to your wallet app and sign the mint message
  • Done

Supported wallets

The NFTs are minted on Polygon network, and currently not all wallets have full Polygon support. We are recommending using one of the wallets from the Supported Wallets list.