Referral Program

The Presearch Referral Program

Presearch rewards users to spread the word about the platform. You can earn additional PRE tokens by referring new users using your referral link. People you refer will earn 50 PRE tokens by signing up through your link and you will earn 50 PRE tokens once your referred users are active for 30 days and earn a minimum of 2.5 PRE tokens while using the platform. You can read the Referral Program FAQ for more details below.

  1. Does someone need to visit my specific referral link for me to be credited?

    • Yes, they do.

  2. What if someone clicks on my referral link, but then clicks someone else’s after?

    • Whichever referrer link is the last one used clicked before the member signs up will indicate the member credited for the referral

  3. How much do I earn if I refer someone?

    • The current referral bonus is 50 PRE tokens.

  4. When will I receive my referral bonus?

    • Referral bonuses will only be provided for referrals who are active for more than 30 days, and who accumulate 2.5 or more PRE tokens for their search activities. This helps us to minimize fraud. You will need to login to claim your bonuses via the referral section of your account.

  5. How can I tell if my referral has been captured by the system?

    • In the β€˜My Referral’ section, there is a list of all of your referrals. Email addresses are masked to respect your referrals’ privacy, so you will need to try to guess which referral is who, if you’re expecting a specific person.

  6. What if someone I refer does not sign up using my link by accident? Can you give me credit?

    • No, sorry, we cannot. If they really want to help you, they can sign up again using your link.

  7. How long will the referral program be active for?

    • We have chosen to extend the Referral program and it will be active until announced otherwise.

  8. What does someone receive if they sign up through my referral link?

    • Currently, the sign-up bonus for those who join through a referral link is 50 PRE tokens.

  9. Where can I find my referral link?

Go to: & click copy the last part of your referral id

If you're sharing with your friend who is unfamiliar with blockchain/crypto:

Go to & share your referral link from there. It should look like:

If you want to send them right to the search engine:

Copy & paste referral code at the end of the search engine like this so that you will be rewarded for anyone you send here who creates an account.

If you're a search engine and need to pass a query:

Copy & paste referral code at the end of the search engine like this so that you get rewarded when anyone who searches through your engine creates an account.

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