Supported Wallets

Occasionally, Presearch releases NFTs on its platform. Some are given away for free to community members, and some (in the future) may be available for sale for certain benefits or utility.
In order to be considered for any NFT drops, you will need to connect your Web3 wallet on the Presearch NFT Wallet page at
Whenever you connect your wallet, the latest wallet you've connected will be linked to your Presearch account, and will be used for any future NFT drops for which you may be eligible.

Supported wallets

Presearch NFTs are currently minted on Polygon network, and unfortunately not all wallets have full Polygon support. To avoid issues during minting process, we recommend using one of the wallets from the list below that have been verified to work.


  • Metamask (Chrome / Firefox / Brave / Edge)
  • Ledger - using Metamask
  • Infinity Wallet (Windows / Linux / MacOS) - using WalletConnect
  • Tokenary (Safari, macOS only) - using WalletConnect


  • Metamask (Android / iOS)
  • Trust Wallet (Android / iOS) - using WalletConnect
  • D'cent (Android / iOS) - using WalletConnect
  • imToken (Android / iOS) - using WalletConnect
  • Coinbase Wallet (Android / iOS) - using built-in browser (Injected)
  • Rainbow (iOS) - using WalletConnect

Unsupported Wallets

The following wallets have been tested and confirmed to NOT work as of our last testing date. We recommend that you avoid these wallets.
  • Trezor - Polygon NFTs are Unsupported by Trezor
  • Brave Wallet - Gives a "Generic Processing Error" on Polygon
  • Wallet 3 (Desktop)
  • Ambire Wallet (Desktop)