How to Swap PRE in Trust Wallet

How Does Swapping PRE in Trust Wallet Work?

To create a new wallet:

  • Download, install and then open Trust Wallet

  • Choose β€œCreate a new wallet”.

  • Choose your backup option, or you can optionally postpone the backup process by choosing β€œSkip”.

  • Start using Trust Wallet.

Swapping PRE in Trust Wallet is super simple. Let’s have a look at how the process works in the mobile app.

  • Select β€œSwap” from the home screen.

  • Search for the asset you want to swap from, and swap to (PRE). Then choose the amount.

  • Select β€œPreview Swap” and review the details.

  • Then confirm your swap.

For more information about the PRE swap procedure in Trustwallet you can visit its official blog at the following link:

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