⭐What is Presearch Engine ?

General knowledge about Presearch's decentralized privacy respecting search engine

The Presearch Engine is a next-generation search engine built to provide the world with a decentralized alternative that operates more like a public utility on behalf of its community rather than shareholders.

5 goals which could describe Presearch Engine:

  1. Excellent, customizable meta search engine

  2. Privacy respecting

  3. Decentralized architecture

  4. AI enabled

  5. Rewards for genuine searches

The vision is to create totally open and transparent algorithms that leverage blockchain technology and the human power of the Presearch community so that, similar to Wikipedia, anyone can participate in the creation and curation of the search index, providing superior results and censorship-resistance.

Decentralized platform

The current version of the Presearch Engine is a step toward the ultimate vision and employs nodes operated by community members to access data from existing search resources and data sources. A series of community-generated packages can also be displayed above the traditional search results to provide enhanced information.

Meta search engine

Presearch offers its users increased search choice and active personalization, where they are in control of their experience, rather than automated personalization built upon a foundation of tracking and profiling users.

Next steps

The next step is to begin layering our own index on top of this platform so that community-driven results can supersede the external results, yet still provide users with comprehensive answers while the Presearch index is in development.

You are just one click from the start, try out presearching the web at https://presearch.com.

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