How to withdraw tokens from Presearch?

Step by step tutorial for how to withdraw tokens from the Presearch platform -

With the advent of Web3 withdrawals, we are excited to enable our users unencumbered access to all node rewards, user deposited tokens and PRE purchased on the Presearch Platform. Although search rewards will still need to go through a manual review process for some users, users who search normal (aren't trying to farm tokens from searching) won't have any issues removing their search reward tokens.

If you're looking for how to claim your search rewards token, click the link to the page below!

pageHow to claim search rewards

Web3 Withdrawl Process

First things first, head to and select the number of tokens you'd like to withdraw and the wallet address you'd like to send the funds to. When everything looks good, click Withdraw. Make sure that the wallet address is either a Metamask wallet, or some other form of wallet where you can sign transactions. Withdrawing directly to exchanges will not work. Make sure to have sufficient ETH in the wallet in which you are sending your PRE to. To estimate costs, check current network congestion & gas costs.

If you've recently un-staked tokens, you'll need to wait the 24hr lockup period before you can withdraw tokens.

If you agree with the withdrawal terms and conditions, click continue.

Once you click confirm, an email will be sent to you.

Head over to your email to confirm the withdrawl. This is to protect you in case your account is compromised at any time, so that tokens are not able to be withdrawn.

Head to your email and click "Confirm My Withdrawl"

Head back to the Presearch platform and connect your wallet

You will be able to choose between Metamask and a handful of other wallets available through wallet connect.

Once your wallet is connected, click confirm withdrawal.

Be cautious, as this will be your last opportunity to cancel your withdrawal. If you do not wish to proceed with the withdrawal at this point, cancel your withdrawal.

Click "Process Withdrawal"

This will process your withdrawal on the blockchain. Make sure that you have sufficient ETH within your wallet that you're sending to.

Sign the appropriate transaction

Your funds are on their way to your account!

It may take up to 5 minutes for the tokens to appear in your account, but rest assured, they are in transit! If you want to verify the transaction, click the Etherscan link.

And that's it!

The PRE tokens are now in your account. You can deposit them back into the platform at any time. We know it's been a long time coming and appreciate your patience as we built out Web3 withdrawals.

If you see the below screenshot on your dashboard, hold tight, it will take a quick review to be able to withdraw.

After you've been reviewed, you'll receive this email!

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