Am I tracked when I use Presearch?

Information we may collect from you includes:

  • Any information you provide through your profile (name, nickname, avatar, etc.)

  • Your email address

  • Your password (encrypted)

  • Your last-used search engine

  • Earned token information (when a search was conducted, who sponsored it, provider)

  • Time of last search

  • Language information

  • Your location

  • Your blockchain wallet address if you request to withdraw your tokens

Information Automatically Collected:

We may automatically record certain information about how you use our Site (we refer to this information as "Log Data"). Log Data may include information such as a user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, device and browser type, and operating system. We use this information to administer and provide access to the Services

Information we do not collect:

We do not store your search terms.

If you repeatedly exhibit search activity that appears to violate the Terms & Conditions, and, despite warnings, require additional monitoring to prevent abuse of Presearch, you will first be separately notified and must opt-in to said monitoring.

We do not ever track or store your GPS location.

We do not use third-party cookies.

We do not use trackers.

We do not mix unmarked paid content with organic content.

For our full privacy policy, see:

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