Running a node on Stack OS

Here is a quick guide to launching your PreSearch Node on StackOS.

We assume you already have your PreSearch Node Registration Code and account set up. If you need more details on that reference this: Go to your Node's dashboard and have your Presearch Node Registration Code ready.

Fund your StackOS Account:

Go to and login with Metamask

  • BSC MainNet

  • Choose Cluster:

    • Dev/Test: Titan or Matrix Cluster

    • Production: Authority for high uptime deploys

Go to the upgrade tab:

  • CPU as follows: 2000 for PreSearch, 100 for webtty

  • RAM: 4000 for PreSearch, 100 for webtty

Go to the AppStore

Launch your PreSearch Node

Verify Operation

Check and verify your node appears on the list

Look for green connection icon


If your node is not starting properly for some reason, consider opening a WebTTY and checking the logs: Create a WebTTY StackOS - WebTTY (external)

Get the name of the presearch-0x... pod

kubectl get pods

Show the logs for the pod

kubectl logs -f presearch-0xYOURETHADDRESS-RANDOM

Expect to see something like this

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