What is Keyword Staking?

Keyword Staking is a revolutionary new concept being pioneered by Presearch as it builds the world’s first decentralized search engine framework.

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We previously covered the challenges and opportunities with traditional keyword ads, and this post will reveal why keyword staking is the next big advertising opportunity for enterprising online marketers and entrepreneurs.

How Presearch Keyword Staking ads work

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Keyword Staking enables token holders to commit or ‘stake’ their PRE tokens against specific words and multi-word terms.

With Presearch Keyword Staking you choose a keyword (ex. ‘Bitcoin’) and then stake PRE tokens that you’ve purchased or earned against that term. You can then create an ad that you link to the website of your choice.

Presearch Keyword Staking dashboard

While tokens are staked, you continue to own and control your PRE, but you can’t use them to stake against other words and you can’t remove them from the Presearch platform. While they are staked they are effectively locked up.

You can unlock or unstake them at any time to withdraw them to the blockchain or sell them, but then your associated ads will not show.

This means that if you buy PRE tokens, stake them against keywords, you can receive traffic while you have them locked up. You can sell your PRE later once you stop using them for staking.

Keyword consumption fee

At this time, for 0.033% daily or approximately 1% monthly of the total amount of the PRE in Staking of a keyword you will be able to have a privileged place for your ad to be displayed at the top of the search results, in that sense if you have a keyword with a Stake of 20,000.00 PRE will look like this: 0.033% of 20,000.00 PRE is = 6.6 PRE per day or 198 PRE in 30 days. These Pre will be deducted daily from the Pre wallet automatically: https://account.presearch.com/tokens/pre-wallet

If you choose not to pay the daily fee, your ad will be placed at the bottom of the search results.

Ranking of keywords

The ranking factors associated with keyword staking may change in time, but at the launch of the platform this is the way things work:

A user types in a keyword or key phrase, let’s say it’s “Toronto Real Estate”.

The ad server will look to find any ads where the advertiser has used the exact term “Toronto Real Estate” as their trigger keyword.

It will then look to see how many PRE tokens are staked or locked to the keyword, and whichever advertiser has staked the most PRE will have their ad displayed.

Now, if there are no matches for the exact term “Toronto Real Estate”, it will break the phrase down into individual terms, so it will find ads with the keyword “Toronto” or “Real” or “Estate” and it will pick whichever ad has the most PRE tokens staked to it and display it.

It’s a fairly simple system to start with, and because of that, it provides many opportunities to capture qualified search traffic at no or low cost.

Next steps to start staking

To learn more about specific staking techniques, we’ve prepared a staking strategy post that will help entrepreneurs and affiliates identify and take advantage of opportunities with Presearch Keyword Staking.

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