Running a node on Akash

Here's a step by step tutorial for running a Presearch Node on Akash

First things first, get your Akash environment set up. We recommend downloading the Akashlytics deployment desktop application. Select MacOS, Window OS or Linux OS and wait for it to download. This assumes you've already created your Presearch account and can access

Step 1 - Create wallet

Once Akashlytics has finished downloading, open the desktop app and follow the instructions for setting up. You can either import an existing wallet, or create a new one.

  • In the tool you can choose a name for this wallet. This will not affect the functionality of the tool but is just an easy way to track what wallet is currently in use.

  • Next choose a password that you will remember for the wallet.

Note: The funds available in the pre-existing wallet instance should now be available to Akashlytics and displayed in the upper left corner of the application (52.943 AKT in the provided example)

Step 2 - Certificate Creation

When first launching the tool there will not be a valid certificate. To fix this select the ellipsis to the right of the Certificate status and click β€œCreate Certificate”.

Step 3 - Deploy Presearch Node

  • Click "Deploy" Button

  • Click "Deploy from File"

  • Make sure that you have sufficient $AKT to push the deployment. If you don't have sufficient AKT, you can purchase from one of these markets.

  • Submit a memo & click "approve"

  • Choose your provider of choice and click "accept bid"

  • Approve the memo and deploy your node!

  • See and manage your new node on your dashboard!

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