⭐What is PreGPT AI ?

Presearch's latest privacy focused generative AI chatbot

PreGPT is the world’s first high performing, scalable, privacy focused generative AI chatbot that strictly sources its compute power via a decentralized network from our proud partner Salad.com. PreGPT utilizes purely open-sourced LLM models. Users can access it through their Presearch account for a monthly fee, payable in PRE tokens

Safety and Privacy

PreGPT is designed with privacy in mind and it's worth noting that this practice sets us apart, as most other chatbots incorporate user chats to enhance their training. We however, are non-training by default. Users should note that AI-generated information may not always be accurate or up-to-date. Use discretion with the provided outputs and you alone are responsible for what you do with its outputs.

Why would I use PreGPT and how can it help me?

PreGPT is designed to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity by providing instant, comprehensive responses to any query you can imagine. The sky is the limit in terms of its capabilities, so we invite you to exhaust your curiosities and experience the expansive and versatile prowess of PreGPT. We are thrilled to offer an accessible product so powerful, that it has the potential to upskill an entire generation globally.

How do I get started

See the FAQ below and once logged in, dive into conversations as you would with a friend or professor, politician, or celebrity. Set the tone by unleashing your creativity or embrace your authentic self. Have it craft a bedtime story or paste an Excel table to summarize and analyze trends. Ask about anything under the sun from complex scientific subjects to coding tutorials. Brainstorm away, learn and upskill yourself, have fun and don't hesitate to experiment!

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