Running a Node on Racknerd

Setup instructions for how to set up your node on Racknerd

  • First things first, let's create an account with Presearch.

  • Then, purchase your node from Racknerd. This is the cheapest option and has all the firepower you need to run a Presearch node.

  • After purchasing, you'll get an email from Racknerd labeled KVM VPS Login Information. Make sure to keep that email as it has the information needed to access your newely purchased VPS.

  • Download an SSH service like Putty or Terminus if you're on a mac

    • In order to connect to Terminus (as putty is covered in the video above), you need to download it to your mac.

    • Once downloaded, open it up and click "hosts". Click "New Host" near the top.

    • Under Label, put in a name like "Presearch Node #1"

    • Copy and paste the IP address, port, username and password from the email and place into their respective spots

    • Click save in the top right corner

    • Click the 3 dots next to your newly minted host and click "connect via SSH"

  • You're now connected to your VPS!

  • After this, you need to run the command from the node setup page, not forgetting to insert your registration code from your dashboard.

  • Once you see the Presearch Logo, you're good to go!

  • You can now go to your dashboard and stake your PRE on your brand new node!

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