Why are my reward tokens not increasing when I search?

Presearch users can collect 0.01 PRE tokens per search, up to a max of 0.25 PRE tokens per day between 12:00 (midnight) and 12:00 midnight UTC.

To check to see if you've reached your daily max of 0.25 PRE tokens (25 searches), click on your token count (top-right corner or Presearch.com home page), you will see a page listing your transactions - if you see at least 25 searches today (UTC), you have reached your max of 25 tokens until tomorrow (UTC).

If you'd like to increase the quantity of PRE you earn per search, you can participate in the Search Staking program.

If you haven't reached the daily limit, there could be two other reasons your PRE reward tokens are not increasing:

1) Your account is restricted. If your reward balance is red in the top right corner on Presearch.com and shows 'restricted', please send an email to support@presearch.io..

2) You are not using Dsearch or the Presearch Engine as your search provider. Searches outside our ecosystem (E.g. Google or DuckDuckGo) are not rewarded.

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