About Presearch token - PRE

About PRE token

Ticker: PRE
Contract address: 0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F
Blockchain list: Ethereum (ERC-20)
PRE is a utility and reward token of Presearch platform. PRE token has a technical max supply set to 1 billion tokens. Current supply is set to 500 million and contract allows minting and burning of tokens.

The main use cases

  • To reward searchers for running genuine searches through Presearch engine
  • To reward promoters for referring new users to Presearch platform
  • To reward node operators for contributing computing resources powering the platform, and to help secure node network
  • To enable advertisers to have their ads displayed under certain keywords that the advertisers ‘stake’ their tokens against
Presearch is not a financial platform with emissions.


Treasury of the project is used for marketing or as part of the incentive activities in following programs:
  • Usage rewards - for users of Presearch search engine as reward token for contribution to genuine searching. This covers also the search staking incentives.
  • Node staking rewards - as a reward for a contribution to stability of decentralized node network by operating a Presearch node.
  • Marketing activities - Grants for authors of articles, videos and other ways of promoting Presearch, AD Grants winners or other campaigns.
Tokenomics plans with up to 20% of revenue being directed back towards users, node operators in form of increased platform rewards, token buybacks or marketing activities to support the project and community around it.
Revenue share of 20% is not yet reached and depends highly on user adoption and monetization success rate.
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