Buy with Credit Card

How to Purchase the PRE token with a Credit Card

Getting Started

If you're a crypto pro, and already have your stack of Sats or Vitalik bucks, head over to our exchange page where you can see all the exchanges the Presearch is listed on! If you're new to crypto, or just want to Purchase PRE with a credit card, this is the right place for you!

Setting up your wallet.

There are many different wallets that you can use to buy PRE with a credit card. The two main ones are Metamask & MyEtherWallet

If you've never set up a wallet before, watch a video for how to setup Metamask on Desktop, or MyEtherWallet on mobile. You will be able to purchase with a credit card on either, and we will walk you through the steps on both.


Once you've got your Metamask wallet all setup and secured your sercret phrase, open your wallet and click Buy.

There are a few different options for purchasing - Coinbase Pay, Transak & Moonpay. For this tutorial, we'll be using Moonpay. If you want to follow along with us, click "Continue with Moonpay", otherwise choose your preferred method.

Select the amount you'd like to purchase and select continue.

Moonpay will then ask you for your email and to pass in the code for your email

Moonpay will then take you through their KYC process, where you'll put in your name, date of birth and address. After this page, you'll end up at the credit card input screen, like below.

Click continue and purchase your ETH! Your ETH will show up in your wallet, now it's time to swap it for PRE!

You may need to add PRE manually to Metamask. All you need to do is open Metamask, scroll down to the bottom on the "assets" page and click "import tokens" and select "Custom Token". You'll need to past the PRE contract address, and you can find the Presearch contract address here -

After you've added the PRE token, you can now swap it. Click the ETH button and click the Swap button.

Select the amount of ETH you'd like to swap and click "Review Swap"

This page will show you how much PRE you'll be getting for swapping. Note that if you'd like to use PRE for Keyword Staking or Node Staking, that you'll need some ETH in your wallet for gas fees to send across the network.

And just like that, you purchased PRE!

If you'd like to use your PRE for advertising or to stake on nodes, all you have to do is send your tokens from MyEtherWallet to your account using the wallet address here -


After you've downloaded MyEtherWallet and created your wallet (and of course securely stored your private key), open the app and head to the swap section and click by Ether. There will be a popup menu and we'll purchase through Moonpay. If you've already created an account, this will be quick process. If you haven't, you'll have to fill out Moonpay's KYC process, which takes a few minutes. We'll walk you through the process below.

Open Moonpay and type in your email address. It will ask for a verification, open your email and submit the verification code.

Moonpay has an extensive KYC process, but generally takes less than a few minutes to complete the forms and for Moonpay to verify you. Make sure to fill out all the information that Moonpay asks for. Once you've submitted everything, you'll get a screen like the below.

After you've been verified by Moonpay, you will be directed to the purchase page.

The easiest option for here is apple pay, but if yuo click on the Apply pay button, you will be able to add a credit card manually. Click "Buy with Apply Pay" and your transaction will be submitted!

Now that you have some ETH in your wallet, let's swap if for PRE!

Select the amount of ETH you'd like to convert to PRE and click "Preview swap". Note, that if you'd like to use your PRE for keyword staking or node staking, you'll need ETH to deposit PRE to the platform.

Select the option you'd like for swapping PRE and then click "Proceed with Swap"

AMAZING - you have now purchased PRE

If you'd like to use your PRE for advertising or to stake on nodes, all you have to do is send your tokens from MyEtherWallet to your account using the wallet address here -

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