This is a guide to get your own Preberry store up and running.

If you're on this page, it's either because you're interested in buying or selling Preberries. We're not quite ready to promote some of the rockstar distrubutors in the community, so in the meantime, we'll show you how to set up shop for selling Preberries.

We want to give you all of the tools that we used to create the Preberries we are giving away and give them to you so that our community can run the distribution of these devices and receive the financial upside from doing so.

Here are the tools that we're using currently. Feel free to use other tools, or to do a different system altogether. We will only promote the websites that look the most professional, can deliver in the most timely manner, and have the best customer satisfaction. The promotion will begin in the New Year, please email collaborate@presearch.io with the subject (Preberry Promotion Requested) with examples of the relevant information above. We will post the vetted distrubutors on our Docs page. Attached is the case design we used for the Raspberry Pi 4.


Now that you have the tools needed, we want you to run with it. Feel free to set up your own store, and order inventory. Make sure to have these ready to go when your customers order!

Please email collaborate@presearch.io your store when you have it live. We’ll be keeping tabs in the community to hear who has the best experience. We're excited for the community to take this and run with it!

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