What is 'Authentic Search'?

Unlike with Google, which reaps all of the rewards of their search ecosystem, Presearch shares the value of the ecosystem with our members by granting PRE tokens when you search.

This is intended to be a reward for switching your searches to Presearch, something we greatly appreciate. But unfortunately, the flip side to sharing value is that some people will try to take advantage and capture way more value than they create.

Just clicking a button to generate tokens is not the same as actually searching when you want or need something; there is no high-value transactional intent, attention is not focused, desire is not present.

An authentic search is done when you have a real need for information about something you are interested in. This could be researching something new, buying a product, accessing a site you use regularly by keyword, looking up the meaning of a word, checking the weather, checking sports scores, and thousands of other things.

Search is one of the most valuable functions on the web, and there’s plenty of value to compensate the participants of the ecosystem, but when our members aren’t searching authentically, they hurt the value of our community and the traffic we can bring to potential sponsors who buy Presearch tokens.

Fake search to accumulate tokens is just typing a letter, choosing a suggestion and clicking search, or typing gibberish, or thinking of things to look for so you can click the search button and get another token.

This behaviour may increase the number of your tokens, but it minimizes the value of everyone’s tokens in the process. We want you to be rewarded, but accumulating Presearch tokens should be a byproduct of searching on the platform, not the main focus.

If we all work together to build the Presearch ecosystem, there will be plenty of value to share amongst all of our members and participants.

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