How to Add New Search Providers to your Presearch Dashboard

How to add a new provider to Presearch

STEPS 1. Go to and log in to your account.

2. click on the following link

3. Using the search field type in β€˜Dictionary’.

For this tutorial, we are searching for β€˜Dictionary’. Use this field to search for many other search providers.

4. Click on β€˜’ to add it to your default search providers.

Clicking on the name of the provider (see arrow) will move this provider up to your default search choices.

Like a nicely executed magic trick, your provider has been added to your default search choices.

5. Return to the home screen and get ready to use your newest search provider!

Now you can search definitions all day long!

Try adding any of the other 100+ search providers to your dashboard using these same steps.

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