Wallet/Exchange Up to date info

Due to the recently-completed swap of Presearch PRE tokens, all external services that reference PRE need to update to the new PRE smart contract address from the old one.
We have compiled a list of services along with the status of each service below. This list was last updated on January 5th, 2021.
Please, only engage with transactions on our new contract address: 0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F

Exchange Status

  • KuCoin: Updated and supports new PRE token.
  • HitBTC: Updated and supports new PRE token.
  • Probit: Updated and supports new PRE token.
  • Uniswap: Supports new PRE token.

Information Service Status

  • Etherscan: Updated
  • CoinGecko: Updated
  • CoinMarketCap: Updated
  • Blockfolio: Updated

Wallet Status

As per our list of Blockchain Wallets that support PRE, the following wallets allow for custom ERC-20 tokens to be added.
  • Trust Wallet — Updated
  • MyEtherWallet / Metamask —Updated
  • Ledger — Updated
In these wallets, you will have to manually add PRE as a new custom token, using the wallet address that your previous PRE tokens were stored on.
Contract address: 0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F Token Name: Presearch Token Symbol: PRE Decimals: 18