How To Buy PRE with a Credit Card

How to buy PRE with a credit card through Metamas

How to Buy with a Credit Card

Set up Metamask

  • Head to and follow the steps to create your wallet.
  • Your wallet should look like the below screenshot. Click the "Buy Button"
  • Click continue to Wyre

There are 2 ways of completing the transaction.

1. Using the Presearch marketplace

  • The first is to initiate a purchase on the Presearch marketplace for Ether.
  • You then copy the amount of Ether needed and paste it in your notes. Then click complete purchase.
  • You then copy and paste your "transfer to Wallet Address" in the presearch marketplace to the "your ETH address" text input in Wyre
  • Then initiate the transaction, making sure there is enough to pay for Gas Fees. If you don't have enough for gas, you may have to initiate another purchase.
  • The PRE tokens will then be added to your PRE account after you purchase, as the ETH is sent directly to Presearch.

2. Using Uniswap

  • Instead of changing the ethereum address, you keep it the same and complete your purchase on Wyre.
  • Once the ETH arrives in your account, head to and connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Open up Metamask - you should see your PRE tokens in there. If you don't, scroll to the bottom and click add custom token. Put in 0xEC213F83defB583af3A000B1c0ada660b1902A0F as the token contract
  • Once you see your tokens, click on the "send" button
  • Within 30 minutes, you will see your tokens in your account!